Health My Way - Program Partners

Metro Community Hub has been successful in obtaining funding from the Good Things Foundation to run the Health My Way Program.

The Health My Way Program is designed to support people to find reliable health-related information and use quality on line tools that can assist to improve people's quality of life and complement support received from healthcare professionals.

Every month MCH will hold free health expo's where local people can attend to obtain a snapshot of their current health from local health providers, as well as get a taste of what support MCH can provide them. This provides MCH and health providers an opportunity to raise community awareness about local organisations.

If you would like to participate in the expo as a health provider, we would like to hear from you. There will be 9 free expos’ running from March - November 2020.

We are interested in organisations who can be present during the expo's to:

  • Take Blood Pressure
  • Measure Blond Sugar Levels
  • Take weight, height and measure BMI
  • Offer advice to make simple changes to improve health
  • Quickly analysis diet and make suggestions for improvement
  • Any other on the spot health measures

We will offer a limited number of free spaces at each expo to local organisations in return for promotion of Metro Community Hub and its activities to their clients.

For more information email Terina on or phone 3391 8122.