Be Connected

Be Connected

Sessions commence Thursday 3rd May at 10 am for intermediate users and 1.00 pm for absolute beginners or those who want to refresh their knowledge. You are also welcome to just book the sessions you are interested in e.g. if you are confident in the basics and understand your device then book from topic three.

1)    Absolute Basics:

  • What is a computer?
  • What is a laptop?
  • What is a tablet?
  • What is a smart phone?
  • What is the internet?

 2)    Getting to know your device:

  • Using a keyboard
  • Using a mouse
  • Using a touchscreen
  • Using a computer

3)    Getting started online:

  • Using the internet
  • Using online forms
  • Using email
  • Using search engines
  • Introduction to internet safety

 4)    Safety First:

  • Safe passwords
  • Paying safely online
  • Avoiding scams and tricks
  • Downloading and saving documents
  • Help and support

5)    More online skills:

  • Online shopping overview
  • Socialising on line
  • Using Facebook over view
  • Using a digital camera
  • Watching and listening online

 6)    Connecting to others:

  • Getting set up for video calling
  • How to use skype
  • How to use WhatsApp
  • How to use Facetime

Bookings are essential on 3391 8122  by Tuesday 1 May as spaces are limited. We will be running more sessions during the year as well as one off sessions on topics like finding recipes, family tree research, focus on using iPads and iPhones, and others by demand, be sure to register your interest with us!


Be Connected Be Connected